Path to PLC Certification

PLC Certification :

The path to PLC certification is more than just 1 PLC certificate...

Vendor provided PLC classes and college provided PLC education lack the knowledge and skills needed by industry. That is why Business Industrial Network (BIN) provides several different PLC training solutions, to fill the void left in the industry. Each of BIN's PLC training solutions have a specific training objective. A combination of all BIN's PLC training solutions results in the best PLC trained person for your company. (Certifiable)

PLC Certification - step 1:

Start with BIN's three day hands-on best-practices real-world PLC training workshop for the public (1.6 CEUs) or the one week on-site PLC training. This instructor based PLC training is recommend as the starting point to create a firm foundation in which to build on. Then it is recommend that the PLC Training Video Course be completed to get a broad overview and knowledge base of PLCs.

PLC Certification - step 2:

The next step recommended is BIN's Troubleshooting PLC Control Circuits software to gain years of troubleshooting experience in just days. Then it is recommend the PLC Training 2 CD set be used to gain PLC Programming Experience.

PLC Certification - step 3:

BIN also recommends a PLC technician have experience on at least 2 different brands of PLCs for a better understanding, so BIN provides the Siemens PLC Trainer. (As the technician/engineer gain extensive experience on the Allen Bradley brand of PLC in BIN's hands-on workshop and with the 2 CD training set.)

PLC Certification - step 4:

The next logical step is Advanced PLC training topics like these introductory training solution on PAC (Programmable Automation Controller), HMI, PID, and then SCADA. More advanced training on those topics and others would be dependent on equipment actually used  in the facility that the person is being trained for.

After all the above training, then an IE, Tech, etc. would be certified, if there was a nationally recognized body that was set up to certify Engineers and technicians on PLCs.

Note: For definition of "PAC", to learn the Difference between the old PLC and today's PAC, << GO TO.

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