Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where are all the women engineers and other professional industrial women?

Last week, a female college instructor (Elaine) in our PLC training class, made the mention and question...

"Do you have women attend this PLC training often? I hardly ever get women in my industrial automation class."

I sadly replied ... "Only a couple over the years." Which got me remembering the first woman we brought into our maintenance department a couple decades ago. She was brought in from off the production floor to do PMs. (Preventive Maintenance :>). But she (Janet) was a go getter, she wanted to learn everything, fixing machines, fabricating, all of it. She inspired me to become a strong advocate of women in engineering (and other industrial fields). Especially when I taught her how to weld. It really opened my eyes. Remember, this was a couple decades ago. By the way, last time I ran into Janet, she was still in maintenance department. :>)

So today, I decided to place this post, as a Shout-Out to all professional women in our industry. My hat is off to you for dealing with the mind sets and prejudices, to continue to pursue your interest in maintenance and engineering fields.

If you are a maintenance woman, woman engineer, female electrician or any other industrial technical field, please comment on this post and say hi. (Tell us a little about yourself, let the world know, women are in our professions too.:>)

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