Sunday, December 30, 2012

PAC replaces DCS

2012 Proves PACs Continues to Replace DCS in Developed Countries.

ARC graph showing old DCS systems sales continue to grow in underdeveloped countries.
But old DCS technology sales grow in developing countries.
Just as underdeveloped countries like India and China and other Asian countries seem to lag the USA in culture like clothing styles and fads, so do they in Industrial Technology. While in developed countries like the USA and UK replace the old DCS technology (Distributed Control Systems)  with the relatively new PAC  (Process Automation Controllers) and SCADA  (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) combination technology, underdeveloped countries in Asia purchase the old DCS technology instead, according to ARC's 2012 market research.

According to ARC's 2012 study, it looks like the old DCS technology market has found a new home in developing countries like India and China that are seeing rapid growth and industrialization. Even with China's 2012 growth slowing down, according to ARC they still account for 35% of the world's DCS technology purchases.

The old DCS technology has always been popular in process industries like oil, gas, mining, city water works and power industries and continues to be. While developed industrialized countries phase out the old DCS technology with the newer PAC/SCADA systems, the developing countries like India and China  will continue to drive DCS market for many years to come.

A couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure to fill in as training instructor delivering PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) training to the San Jose waterworks department that serves the world's leader in advanced technology, Silicon Valley. While they still use some DCS, much of the systems have been converted over to PACs that interface to the old DCS and to new SCADA systems. It is quite interesting to see technological evolution in progress. (And comforting, being this is my country. :)

A great source for education and smooth migration from legacy DCS to PLC/PAC/SCADA is Rockwell Automation's webinar at

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Monday, December 24, 2012

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