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HR Training Videos for Employees: Tips

Tips for HR Creating Employee Training Videos Below are a few tips on how to make employee training videos that are engaging and result in longer retention. Not boring company training videos. For employee training video creation steps, please see the How to Create Employee Training Videos article. HR Training Video Tips: 1.       Create engaging storytelling and voiceover: a.     When writing a script and storyboard, create a vibrant storyline instead of a formal one. b.     Extend the exciting storytelling with exciting fonts and    (animated)  if the text is to be displayed in the training video. c.     Consider using a professional voice-over artist, or even having two voices-over professionals convey the storyline as a conversation. ( Example: Equipment Reliability Video .) d.     Mix it up, possibly implementing a, b, and c above at different points in the storyline video to wake up the employee and revive their interest! 2.      Make the video narrator or instr

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