Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mobile Industrial Workstation to Smartphone

Mobile Industrial Workstation to Smartphone

maintenance and engineering training mobile website
Maint. & Engineering Mobile Website
There is130+ million smartphone users in the US alone. This is the year that more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online. Similar trends are echoing in the Industrial workplace. From the mobile industrial workstation to the smartphone, mobile maintenance downloads for CMMS, mobile engineering apps and the smartphone industrial applications go on. The following advice is useful to those designing mobile website to be used in an industrial industry and for those designing a company website for a mobile phone. Given the statistics and facts above, you should be designing a truly mobile friendly website, one that scores well in the world standard W3 mobile validator.

Looking at mobile friendly web design deeper and further... If you are marketing globally, there are 2 more very important aspects you should consider ...

  1. Mobile Bandwidth  
  2. Mobile Compatibility 

Our Industrial Training website with its 100s of pages has grown too large over the last 20 years to cost effectively redesign the whole site to be [Truly] Mobile Friendly. So we went with the option to design a website just for our mobile users

The goal here was to design a mini mobile site that scores high on the world standard W3 Mobile Friendly Validator, so it complies with the 2 objectives above of being quick to download to phone, and works with even low cost smartphones like might be used in under developed industrialized countries.

Our current scores an 82% on the W3 mobile Freindly validator and provides us a great template in which to build on. (add pages and training)

Side Note: Many say they design or have a mobile friendly website, but they score a zero on the W3 validator. They are not [truly] mobile friendly. Many are just CMS like wordpress sites, which have way too much hidden source code to ever be considered "Mobile Friendly". Yes, they may look fine on your iPhone 5 or Android/Samsung Galaxy S5, but be too slow or less functional for the millions who have less expensive or older smartphones. So be aware.

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