Monday, April 17, 2017

The True Cost of Downtime in Manufacturing and Big Data

True Cost of Downtime 🔗 #Manufacturing and #BigData

  • No doubt you've explored TPM, Lean Manufacturing, OEE, maybe even ROCE.
  • But does your EAM and CMMS incorporate TDC (True Downtime Cost®)??
  • Does your big data analytics incorporate the true cost of downtime?

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If not, you've missed the low hanging fruit in this alphabet soup. (yuk.. fruit and soup) Download "The True Cost of Downtime" ebook today and learn about the missing link in  Lean Manufacturing. Yes, there will be a section on #OEE, even #TEEP. But that is just to give you some context in this Activity Based Costing (ABC) methodology known as TDC (© 1995-2017 by

Learn how you can make better informed decisions using TDC and pick the greater savings quicker.
Also, as you read, you may realize TDC is also the missing link in 🔗 big data analytics. This book should be a part of all lean manufacturing training, especially while comparing activity based costing vs traditional costing.

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