Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is a PLC?

What is a PLC?

What is a PLC? (Programmable Logic controller tutorial)

The video below is designed to give the most simple understanding of what is a PLC and and what a PLC does. Great to share with High Schoolers, engineers not in an automation control field, or in management. For those just learning of a PLC, should you want training, come highly recomended. If you or your employees have PLC training needs, see the left hand menu of PLC Training options at the above site.

Also if you have already started the journey to becoming a PLC expert, instrumentation and controls technician or automation controls professional and want to see what courses and in what order you should take to meet your objectives, please see

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Monday, December 8, 2014

What is Thermography

What is thermography?

Below is one of many infrared thermography videos from the YouTube channel Please subscribe and then share the above channel with others so more will see the many applications of infrared thermography. Example videos from building and home energy surveys, to medical applications to reliability maintenance.

With Infrared Thermography, you can see through things and predict the future! How cool is that?
(Predictive Maintenance, PdM)

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