Sunday, February 7, 2016

PLC Program Backup

PLC Program Backup

After reviewing Industry 4.0: Risk I realize there is a lot to do for a manufacturing plant to prepare for Industry 4.0. Good advice is not to be overwhelmed and procrastinate, start somewhere. Start with the PLC Program Backup plan.

PLC Program copies
Only 1/3rd of manufacturing has all PLC Programs backed up!
Even if your manufacturing plant does not go for Industry 4.0 initiatives, insuring your have current backup copies of ALL of your facility's PLC and PAC programs will save you thousands in reduced future downtime. Idealistically you could also insure you have program backups for HMI and SCADA programs too.

The important thing is that you make a PLC program backup plan and start right away. Some improvement is better than none, so do your best and you will still profit from your work. To help out BIN95 offers a free PLC Maintenance Spreadsheet to inventory all your PLCs, checking attributes like last time PLC program was backed up, EEProm burned, battery changed, etc. etc. You can easily add your own attributes to the spreadsheet for example to additionally maintain PACs. (IE: Software require to access, firmware management, module revision numbers, IP address, network management, etc.)

Please, make a plan to back up your facility's PLC/PAC programs today.

Also be prepared, read Industry 4.0: Risk

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