Friday, August 7, 2020

New Electrical Troubleshooting Game V4

Free Online Troubleshooting Game App

The new version of the free online industrial electrical troubleshooting game app is out!

Level 1: Training on how to use the industrial electrical troubleshooting app and how to perform industrial lockout/tagout via 5 or 6 task. (Max score 100) Completing this level unlocks the skill test mode.

Level 2: Five Electrical Faults to solve. There is even an intermittent fault when the conveyor vibrates, to give players a little bit of a challenge. If a player does not follow electrical safety shown on the previous level, the user gets electrocuted and has to start the game over. (Max score 100) Completing this level unlocks skill test mode so the player can return to that mode anytime they want. It also unlocks the new Rando mode!

Level 3: Five random electrical faults in a race against time! These faults are created using the new V4 electrical fault engine, capable of creating every possible fault for the circuit shown. (Max score 600) Completing this level unlocks the new "Cheatsheet". A new interactive electrical diagram showing live voltages and currents in the electrical diagram. Making it even quicker and easier to troubleshoot. It also unlocks Rando mode so the player can return to that mode anytime they want. They can do another 5 electrical faults and use the cheat-sheet if they want. Or decide not to cheat.

Other cosmetic and functional improvements made to this new version 4.5 of the industrial electrical troubleshooting game. Check it out and if you like, please share with others in your social media and blogs.

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