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Motor Control Courses Online

Motor Control Courses Online
Basic motor control training courses online...
For these two online courses, best to start coincidentally with the Motor Starters Online certificate course. The Motor Starters online electrical certificate course covers magnetic contactors, motor starter wiring diagram, overload definition, MMP and types of starters. Also explains basics of electrical NEMA vs IEC standards.

Then follow the motor starters course with the Motor Control Centers online course ...
The Online Motor Control Center (MCC) certificate course covers related wiring diagrams and classes, buckets and more. Even introduces one to the different MCC networking options. This online course also goes over most of the major Motor Control Center manufacture's models specifications, both past and present. A sample of MCC models covered are from the Westinghouse - 11-300 back in 1935 to Allen Bradley's current Centerline 2500 IEC MCC.

Both online motor control courses are the best online electrical training deals you can get as they never expire and give you 24/7 access world wide. A great to supplement JATC apprenticeship training before hands on contactor wiring diagram start stop circuits.

Note: It is highly recommended that one first take the full Motor Controls Training certificate course (download or CD) and use the two online courses above to supplement the full motor controls training course. 
For apprenticeship programs, high schools and colleges, there are amazingly cost effective, unlimited user site license options as a one time purchase, no annual fees. For all three electrical training certificate courses.

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