Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WTC 9-11 #NeverForget911 - Also Important, Learn from 9-11

Pentagon & WTC 9-11    - Also Important, Learn from 9-11

While we all honor those fallen and their families from the terrible tragedy that occurred 9-11-2001, I started thinking like Engineers do, what have we learned from this tragedy? Those of us in the industrial controls industry constantly improve controls to protect humans from the automation in which they work with. So the thought came to me today, did we learn from Pentagon and WTC attacks on 9-11, and add self-preservation automation control to our airplanes? Do the airplanes a decade later no longer allow pilots to fly into buildings even if they wanted to? Instead of just beeping a warning that hundreds may be killed because the airplane is going to crash, does the automation control now take over control of the plane to protect it's passengers from operator error? (Oh course ground control would have codes to override if necessary.) Did we learn from 9-11 ??

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