Tuesday, September 6, 2016

RSLogix 5000 Programming Tutorial

Free RSLogix 5000 Programming Tutorial:

This RSLogix 5000 tutorial video is a sample of the Free Online RSLogix 5000 tutorial course. The online mini course shows how in Studio 5000 logix designer, programming task and programs are laid out and provides an introduction to tag based programming.

Note some call it 'PLC programming', but as you will see in the free online RSLogix 5000 tutorial linked to above, PAC programming (what a Controllogix 5000 really is) is much different than PLC programming. That is why mastering PLC programming is recommended to be done first, before moving on to PAC programming. As a PAC is an industrial computer, not a microprocessor, so the Studio 5000 logix designer is designed in a computer programming structure that IT and computer programmers will be most comfortable with.

In contrast, PLC programming software like RSLogix 500 is designed so that an electrician will be most comfortable working with.

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