Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recomended Training for the Maintenance Electrician

These training solutions are in order we recommend you send you employees through them...

V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series (3 separate training programs that increase in skill level required and vary circuits worked with.) The single PC/Workstation Enterprise edition is $1595 allows unlimited users, one user at a time. (We do have more expensive packages with 5 PC/Workstations allowed to use simultaneously, and more workstation versions.)

(Software details and demos )

Also you might want to follow up the above 3 software programs with the FPS 3000 Advanced Troubleshooting Software

(Network packages for multiple users at )

The next logical course for your people after sharpening their troubleshooting skills, is PLCs. We provide PLC training in every imaginable form, so each customer can find what works best for their particular situation. To have the best possible trained people on PLC, we recommend they first attend our 3 day public seminar or 5 day customized on-site PLC training, to get real world hands on knowledge and a safety/reliability focused foundation.

Then they should follow up with our complete PLC training solution the 10 DVD PLC Training Video Course Series for $2289 unlimited users at This will allow them to go through each of the 10 dvds at their own leisure.

We also have other limited PLC training options should you your budget be constrained or you want additional follow up for your people, 6 months after taking the above courses. We have a 2 CD PLC training set for $160 per user or the unlimited user version for $999 This 2 CD set is in no way a replacement for the above courses as they only teach a few basic instructions, and specifically Allen Bradley’s RSLogix 500 software/PLC. But the simulation CD that comes in this set provides many hours/days of particle experience while employee writes ladder logic to make each of the simulations work.

Just as the V4 software increases troubleshooting experience quicker than you could obtain in regular job duties, the PLC simulation software increases PLC programming experience quicker that you could obtain in regular job duties.

Some customers also supplement the above training with our PLC training equipment so employees can get more hands on experience. It sells for $269 per unit.

We also offer many (100+) training software programs that target specialized areas of electrical training. You may browse our order form at for complete list. Some topics I would recommend from the above list are …
  • 10 DVD Electrical Training Video Library w/ Instructor guide and workbook
  • Electrical Safe Work Practices Computer Based Training CD
  • AC Motor Controls CBT CD
  • Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Software (Download)
  • VFDTrainer Freq Drive Training Software CD
  • CLXTrainer ControlLogix Training Software CD
  • The ViewTrainer HMI (RSView32) CD
 If you would like a quote for our on-site PLC training and/or any of the above courses, please let me know which ones you have decided on and your full contact information so we can generate you the needed quotes.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

DCS or PLC, wich is most commonly used?

On our LinkedIn Process Control group discussion, I commented ...
'The fact that even if DCS can be used, is it commonly being used for a particular applications'

And I would like to share these informative comments with our Blog readers.
I have been in hundreds of manufacturing facilities, from all industries types, hardly ever see a DCS system being used, just PLCs.

Another good point previously made in the process control discussion group , is that "hybrid" PLC (actually called a PAC, Process Automation Controller like the AB Controllogix), will make the need for complicated, difficult to support, expensive DCS systems even less common.

According to Frost & Sullivan market report titled “World Distributed Control System (DCS) Market”, SCADA systems are offering even more competition to DCS vendors, because they cost only a fraction of the price of a DCS system. The report also mentions power, chemical plants and oil refineries as traditional DCS users.

Although the summary I read was Feb, 2010, I did not see mention of PAC with SCADA in the market analysis, just PLC – SCADA. But logically the PAC – SCADA would take away from DCS market even more. (“logically”, ha. No pun intended. :>)

Please comment with which you see out there the most, and what industries? Thanks

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