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Friday, October 8, 2010

DCS or PLC, wich is most commonly used?

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On our LinkedIn Process Control group discussion, I commented ...
'The fact that even if DCS can be used, is it commonly being used for a particular applications'

And I would like to share these informative comments with our Blog readers.
I have been in hundreds of manufacturing facilities, from all industries types, hardly ever see a DCS system being used, just PLCs.

Another good point previously made in the process control discussion group , is that "hybrid" PLC (actually called a PAC, Process Automation Controller like the AB Controllogix), will make the need for complicated, difficult to support, expensive DCS systems even less common.

According to Frost & Sullivan market report titled “World Distributed Control System (DCS) Market”, SCADA systems are offering even more competition to DCS vendors, because they cost only a fraction of the price of a DCS system. The report also mentions power, chemical plants and oil refineries as traditional DCS users.

Although the summary I read was Feb, 2010, I did not see mention of PAC with SCADA in the market analysis, just PLC – SCADA. But logically the PAC – SCADA would take away from DCS market even more. (“logically”, ha. No pun intended. :>)

Please comment with which you see out there the most, and what industries? Thanks

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