Friday, October 16, 2020

PLC Ladder Logic Random Number Generator

How to generate a more true random number using just ladder logic, even if PLC brand does not have RND, RAND, or other pseudo-random number generators (PRNG) functions. 

The objectives of the PLC exponential random number generator in this example are ...

  • More True Random Number
  • Range Selection Available
  • Universal Ladder Logic Compatibility
  • Scalable Entropy
  • Use 2 or more linear PRNGs
  • End-User Friendly
  • Random Trigger Options

In the example PLC Exponential Random Generator, you will learn how it uses two different linear PRNGs and alternates back and forth between the two random number generators with a user-friendly familiar rung of logic like this ...

The key to this approach is that each of the PRNGs used needs to be on different timing cycles. We exponentially increased the randomness (entropy) by also using different timing trigger frequencies for each PRNG. Then we increase the entropy exponentially again by making the one trigger somewhat random. (A randomly time trigger activating a random generator randomly.)

Here is the video from the article that shows the Exponential PLC Random Number Generator running live on AB/Rockwell's SLC 500/RSLogix 500...

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