Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you wasting your time and money on a college degree for which there are no jobs?

No surprise those majoring in medical fields would have the most likely chance to find a job when they get out of college. But #6 on the list is of particular interest to us; those who take Industrial Production Technologies college have a better chance of finding a related job when you get out of college. As opposed to IT field for example, which is saturated with students seeking employment.

# 12 Mechanical Engineering and #25 Electrical Engineering made the top 25 most likely to find a job after college too!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking Out Of The Box: "No Labor" Manufacturing Goal

It's all about competing with China now days. The only way to compete with cheap labor (should that be the primary competitive advantage and Gov is not capable to help with), is to embrace a different kind of manufacturing industry. And it wont be easy.
manufacturing competing with China

Instead of current industry model, "To get a manufacturing facility that employs a lot of people". Embrace the future and compete with other country's cheap labor, by an "No Labor" approach. Where the NEW goal is "manufacturing facility that employs the LEAST amount of people, and get more of those manufacturing facilities".

"No Labor = Increase manufacturing facilities built but employing less people in each." (IE: instead of 1 facility with 300 employees and 3 million is sales, have 3 facilities with 100 employees each, each doing 3 million is sales for a total of 9 million in sales. 300% increase in USA revenue, same number of employees employed.)

The high technology/Automated "No Labor" approach allows USA manufactures to compete with low tech cheap labor countries. More manufacturing facilities increases construction jobs, technical jobs like industrial engineering and maintenance technicians and increases support  jobs like admin, sales, logistics, suppliers, etc. But more importantly increases USA exports volumes, helping secure our country's financial future.

No doubt a Radical,  Out of the box type thinking concept like this will meet with much controversy and discussion. So please feel free comment. (No cussing though, ha ha)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

USA - Maintenance Managers Wanted is a great place to find jobs under the radar sort of speak. Below are Maintenance Manager job openings for US residents only that are no more than about a week old.

Maintenance Manager within the Automotive, Industrial and/or Agricultural Industry. Please contact me at I am currently working with a proven Stable and Growing company that is one of the world’s premier bearing manufacturers and is located in the Midwest Region.

Maintenance Supervisor West Chicago IL General Mills plant
Functional Area(s): Manufacturing
Laurissa Gauvitte 2nd on LinkedIn - Job Description: Provide manufacturing leadership to deliver a world-class maintenance operation. Lead, motivate, and develop a team of mechanics to drive
losses out of our systems, while leveraging Continuous Improvement (Lean/TPM) tools, improving individual skills, and enhancing teamwork.

Joseph Ray on LinkedIn - Electrical Engineer - Maintenance Supervisor - Birmingham, AL
United States Steel Corporation has an immediate opening for a Shift Manager – Central Shops Electrical at the Fairfield Works facility in Fairfield, AL.

Tom Worcester on linkedin 2nd - Change Agent Maintenance Manager for Chemicals or Plastics. Seeking the right individual who wants to make a difference in the way maintenance is done
To direct the maintenance of the St. Louis Plant equipment to assure the optimum reliability and maintenance cost for production operations, through implementation of new and or improved techniques for predictive and corrective maintenance. In order to accomplish the Operational Excellence Goals, the Manager will be involved with employee supervision, planning, training, purchasing, inventory control, engineering and regulatory compliance. Driving continuous improvement in the plant’s maintenance programs is crucial. This company is unable to sponsor at this time. Please feel free to contact me at tworcester @ or 919 957 2270

Scot Newcom on linkedin 2nd - Ready to run your own department, I am looking for a Maintenance Manager for a company located in South Carolina. The ideal candidate must have gear Hobbing and CNC turning experience. Bachelor’s degree preferred (Technical Degree and experience can be an option)

2+ years’ experience in a heavy in a heavy industrial environment Electrical/PLC, hydraulic, mechanics and pneumatics, welding with a minimum of 3 years of experience.
Must be familiar with TS 16949 and/or ISO9000 requirements. Demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft office computer software applications.
2-5 years in CNC repair, general maintenance and other maintenance responsibilities that would include the ability to recognize electrical, plumbing, and mechanical malfunctions or equipment failures.
Fanuc control, ladder logic and PLC experience. Gear Hobbing, CNC Turning

Mr. Lozano on linkedin 2nd - Sr. Maintenance Manager Modesto, CA Frozen Foods Industry 120K ATTN Bruno Lozano patdifuriaco @

Kirk Clermont on linkedin 2nd - Plant Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Northern Indiana, to mid $80’s plus bonus, call Jeff Tuholski;; 800-800-3617 x107
Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience, in an Engineering discipline
Solid experience in food processing with strong preferences for refrigerated (Ammonia) and/or liquid filling operations
Must have background in maintaining PLC controlled equipment 3 years Supervisory experience including selecting, developing and retaining good people
AutoCAD and experience managing capital projects are also required.
Familiarity with Good Manufacturing Practices new Sanitation and Quality regulations
Continuous Improvement experience
Excellent verbal/written communication skills.
Strong team player and leader with the ability to work across multiple functions and disciplines.

Hope this helps someone.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oil and Gas Refinery Debottlenecking, clean exchanger tubes.

Mike Watson show in his article Oil and Gas Refinery Debottlenecking, clean exchanger tubes. how being green, reducing CO² emissions can increase production and profits in his cleaning technology for refinery heat exchange tubes.
refinery debottlenecking by cleaning the tube heat exchangers
A must read article if you are in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries; or use heat exchangers in your process.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Problem Solving Skills Training Video

Problem Solving Skills Training Video:

Every company should have all employees watch this DVD because it increases productivity across the board.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 discount of 11% on TwitPic

11/11/11 discount of 11% on TwitPic:

11 hours to grab this 11% discount on Industrial Electrical Training Video Course.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maintenance Troubleshooting Skills Training

Scott Dunsmuir made 2 very good points on a Google+ discussion about an article that I had  ed Manufacturing Skills Certification System there. Below I would like to share Scott's 2 points with my readers.

Scott: "Even before increasing the pool of "qualified" applicants though, schools need to start teaching/training 2 things..."

  1. Job Place Safety (electrical, arc-flash, confined space, etc the things work places are training in their safety programs)
  2. Troubleshooting ("We get nobody out of trade school that has the first clue how to trouble shoot.")

Scott goes on to add in his comments, that in 5+ years, no new maintenance person out of school has score more that 60% in their hands-on electrical troubleshooting test his company gives new-hires.

My respond to Scott and Companies who hire maintenance personnel is they need to get the schools around their company to at least use the cost effective safety/troubleshooting real-world training tools we provide. (Tell them to see and These two real-world simulation software not only require student to use safety procedures like lockout/tagout, teaches them good foundations in troubleshooting, times, records and reports their ability to troubleshoot, but serves up enough simulated faults for hands-on troubleshooting that would take them years to acquire with OJT or in the normal workplace daily routine. also just started offering a training video DVD that students may need to watch before learning electrical troubleshooting. Below is an introduction...

The combination of the 3 training solutions above make for a highly skilled troubleshooter.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free On-Line 5S Lean Manufacturing Assessment

Have you tested your employees on 5S Lean lately? Yourself?

Follow the link below for a free online 5S Lean Assessment Tool to test yourself and all your employees! Get more productive and profitable today! There is a mechanism so you can receive test results from each of your employees after they take the short 15 question test at their convenience too. 

SEE (May have to open link in new window or paste in your browser.)

5S Lean Manufacturing is probably the most familiar phrase to you, but now days 5S Lean is used in offices, restaurants and every business type imaginable to make them more productive and profitable. Something every company needs now days. So please share with all your business associates.

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