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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free On-Line 5S Lean Manufacturing Assessment

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Have you tested your employees on 5S Lean lately? Yourself?

Follow the link below for a free online 5S Lean Assessment Tool to test yourself and all your employees! Get more productive and profitable today! There is a mechanism so you can receive test results from each of your employees after they take the short 15 question test at their convenience too. 

SEE (May have to open link in new window or paste in your browser.)

5S Lean Manufacturing is probably the most familiar phrase to you, but now days 5S Lean is used in offices, restaurants and every business type imaginable to make them more productive and profitable. Something every company needs now days. So please share with all your business associates.

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saam mirza said...

Well online courses is a new ways and techniques for those person who have no time to study.Lean Manufacturing Certification,is the best ways to fulfill there dreams.