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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking Out Of The Box: "No Labor" Manufacturing Goal

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It's all about competing with China now days. The only way to compete with cheap labor (should that be the primary competitive advantage and Gov is not capable to help with), is to embrace a different kind of manufacturing industry. And it wont be easy.
manufacturing competing with China

Instead of current industry model, "To get a manufacturing facility that employs a lot of people". Embrace the future and compete with other country's cheap labor, by an "No Labor" approach. Where the NEW goal is "manufacturing facility that employs the LEAST amount of people, and get more of those manufacturing facilities".

"No Labor = Increase manufacturing facilities built but employing less people in each." (IE: instead of 1 facility with 300 employees and 3 million is sales, have 3 facilities with 100 employees each, each doing 3 million is sales for a total of 9 million in sales. 300% increase in USA revenue, same number of employees employed.)

The high technology/Automated "No Labor" approach allows USA manufactures to compete with low tech cheap labor countries. More manufacturing facilities increases construction jobs, technical jobs like industrial engineering and maintenance technicians and increases support  jobs like admin, sales, logistics, suppliers, etc. But more importantly increases USA exports volumes, helping secure our country's financial future.

No doubt a Radical,  Out of the box type thinking concept like this will meet with much controversy and discussion. So please feel free comment. (No cussing though, ha ha)

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