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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maintenance Troubleshooting Skills Training

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Scott Dunsmuir made 2 very good points on a Google+ discussion about an article that I had  ed Manufacturing Skills Certification System there. Below I would like to share Scott's 2 points with my readers.

Scott: "Even before increasing the pool of "qualified" applicants though, schools need to start teaching/training 2 things..."

  1. Job Place Safety (electrical, arc-flash, confined space, etc the things work places are training in their safety programs)
  2. Troubleshooting ("We get nobody out of trade school that has the first clue how to trouble shoot.")

Scott goes on to add in his comments, that in 5+ years, no new maintenance person out of school has score more that 60% in their hands-on electrical troubleshooting test his company gives new-hires.

My respond to Scott and Companies who hire maintenance personnel is they need to get the schools around their company to at least use the cost effective safety/troubleshooting real-world training tools we provide. (Tell them to see and These two real-world simulation software not only require student to use safety procedures like lockout/tagout, teaches them good foundations in troubleshooting, times, records and reports their ability to troubleshoot, but serves up enough simulated faults for hands-on troubleshooting that would take them years to acquire with OJT or in the normal workplace daily routine. also just started offering a training video DVD that students may need to watch before learning electrical troubleshooting. Below is an introduction...

The combination of the 3 training solutions above make for a highly skilled troubleshooter.
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