Saturday, May 12, 2012

Help with Maintenance Training Program Matrix

Below is an example Maintenance Training Program where it is shown how some of the 100+ maintenance training product offers helps with Maintenance Training Matrix.

201.16   Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting:
V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series see
AB PLC Trainer (Training Equipment) with lessons see
Presentation Version - Electrical Safe Work Practices CDs see

201.07   Bearings and Lubrication:
Lubrication training CD in Autonomous Maintenance CD set see

201.15   & 201.13 Understanding Hydraulic Schematics and Symbols:

201.09   Maintenance Fundamentals:
Autonomous Maintenance CD set see
Problem Solving Skills Training DVD (training video) see
Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Download see
Mechanical Seal and Seal Selection Process Training see
CBM and Condition Monitoring Techniques Training see
Total Productive Maintenance - TPM PowerPoint  see
Reliability and Maintenance Management Training PowerPoints see
Steam Turbines & Governing Systems Training see
Machine vibration fundamentals see Vibrations Basics

201.03   EZ Laser Shaft Alignment Training:

301.01   Motors single and poly-phase:
Rotating Equipment Reliability Excellence PowerPoint see

301.07   Advanced Electricity and Troubleshooting:
Advanced Troubleshooting Simulation Training Software see
Troubleshooting PLC Control Circuits Training Software see
PID Tuning Blueprint - Calculator and software download see
VFD Trainer Freq Drive Training Software CD see
ControlLogix - RSLogix 5000 Training CBT CD see

We also have many supplemental ebooks where experts give real-world knowledge in plain language. See

For order form see …

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Incorporate Best Practices into Training

Applying lean principles to training methods and topics increases work ethics.
(And saves time and money!)...
Smart Training picture: Applying Lean principles to training method.
Smart Training = Lean Training
As trainers, one thing we can do to help instill better work ethics with the current generation of new workers is to incorporate Best Practices into training. (as opposed to only or mostly providing how to and theory). Our younger students appreciate and become advocates of best practice methods for the how-to when we explain why each method we teach is better than other ways to perform the same task. We find not wasting their time teaching them things they'll never use in the workplace helps bring them on board too. When they 'feel' they are entering the workplace confident to perform the job safer, more reliably and in less time than even seasoned professionals, their work ethics start out high. As long as the people they work with don't drag them down or hold them back, their motivation/work ethics should remain high.

Both lead to better understanding and acceptance of knowledge transferred and builds greater self confidence and ownership of job task. (self confidence is critical to new employee entering the workplace.) Ultimately these lead to better work ethics. When a student is not only told, but believes the material being learned will actually be valuable and used in his/her occupation, they learn better too.

Also an over simplified formula ...
Greater love for job and people working with = greater work ethics.

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