Using Simulator Software in Your Curriculum

How to Apply Industrial Training Simulator Software in Your Curriculum.

Using Simulator Software in Your Curriculum

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A must-read on various methods to apply simulation software to your courses to reduce educational costs while increasing students' hands-on experience, understanding, and retention.

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According to Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), class size, cost, and technology (more remote learning) are among the top 5 challenges exposed during the pandemic. The primary focus of CTE/TVET is on practical skills and work readiness – which makes remote learning particularly challenging and is also some of the biggest advantages of using simulations in the curriculum.

How do training simulations help educators achieve their goals?
  • Training simulators drive change in behavior.
  • Simulator software is less expensive-more flexible than hardware.
  • Simulation software is risk-free of physical harm. 
  • Simulations improve understanding & knowledge retention.
In the article linked here, there is also a simulation software comparison chart, with details of four different simulation software application approaches. From a little to a lot. Also discussed in the article is the application of simulation software from a CTE/TVET Program's perspective. Over 9 industrial training simulators are introduced too. Because after you determine which simulation implementation works best for your curriculum needs, you want to find what specific training simulation software you need.

"Most educators should find the article information useful, and interesting at a minimum."
The article wraps up to give more details about the advantages of using industrial training simulator software in your curriculum. 

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