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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Training Half Life (worker retraining)

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Some valuable advice from guest poster Sam McNair PE, CMRP of Life Cycle Engineering. Click Worker Refresher Training case study and advisory to read.

Here is an excerpt from Sam's article...

refresher training offer great ROI
In both cases we embarked on some very focused, high quality training which included a required demonstration of proficiency at the end. In both cases the effects were dramatic. It was not cheap to provide god training. In fact it cost about $60k to train and certify 22 millwrights, and about the same to train and certify about 180 operators plus their supervisors in a more limited scope of tasks. The actual payback in both cases was about 3 months. We knew this because we continued to perform RCFA and post maintenance testing. Time passed and we observed that the gains we had made were slipping away, and by 2 1/2 years they had reduced to 50% of the previous level. Limited refresher training was provided and the results jumped back up to the original level. We joking called refresher training “fighting against the dark forces of evil and entropy”.
Click Worker Refresher Training case study and advisory to read more ...

It is an informative article by Sam McNair (CMRP) on job retraining. Points out employee retraining every 2-3 years is very profitable and what the turnaround on that work retraining is.

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