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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beef up that Resume with PLC Training

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Your best, quickest, easiest and least expensive path to adding PLC capabilities to your resume is our 3 day PLC Training seminar in Atlanta or St. Louis.
PLC Training

May 22-24, 2012 is the next one coming up in St. Louis, SEE …

Then the next one is in Atlanta in July 24-26, 2012, SEE …

Why is the three day PLC training seminar the best solution for a resume?

  • Nice Certificate
  • 1.6 CEUs
  • All hands on experience
  • Practical real world knowledge
  • Learn to talk the talk, and walk the walk during that interview

What make this PLC training different than all other providers?

  • We don't just present the information, theories, things you never use like others do, we Train you on task you'll actually use in the real world.
  • We don just show you how to perform a function like others do, we Train you on the best-practices! 
  • We don't just use a PLC simulator like others do, you get Trained on actual equipment!
  • Plus we teach you the safest and most reliable way to work with PLCs!

We provide you with extra learning material and encourage you to continue to build on the strong foundation we have given you. all for a lower price than other providers charge. That is why everyone is amazed at the quality of PLC training we deliver. Living up to our reputation of providing "The Best for Less".

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