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Monday, July 30, 2012

Learning through Application for Return On Training Investment

2 3 Learning through Application for Return On Investm...: As we develop new curriculum for our clients, we have put an incredible amount of focus on moving them from "training for training sake" to ...
PLC training that results in reduce downtime, increased reliability and safety

Click the above link to read Shon Isenhour's great blog post. I would add the following comments to shon's post ...
Excellent post and topic Shon. As our PLC training for maintenance and engineering focus on working with PLCs (plant automation) more safely and reliably, it is difficult for students and management to track and realize actual safety instances avoided (and $ saved) as a result our training. Likewise with with tracking $ saved from increased reliability after PLC training. So we focus on conveying the reduced downtime as a result of our training, as it is traceable and a dollar amount can be associated with it. 

To do so and keep it simple, the facility must know before training their Average Annual Downtime and their Average Downtime Cost per hours. As many report back how just 1 method learned in class saved them 10 times the cost of training, the realized savings is even greater for those who understand the True Downtime Cost® (TDC).

"True Downtime Cost®" is a registered trademark of Business Industrial Network (

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