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Friday, February 1, 2013

Industrial Training Scam

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Industrial Training Scam...

Unethical industrial training companies list seminars in every major US city

We received a call from a customer the other day, asking if we where going to cancel our PLC training seminar due to low attendance like last time. I proudly replied "we don't ever cancel any seminars, has had that policy since 1995. Even if only 1 person registers, the show must go on. Are them 'fast food' like training seminar providers ruining the training industry's reputation by listing 100s, in every major city only to cancel them all unless they get enough attendance? never does that, when we list a date and location, you can rely on it, and I think that reputation is why we filled so many of our seminars for so many years ... consistency.

Another tip in looking for industrial training providers is to see if they are creditable enough to be listed with the Better Business Bureau and have a rating of A or A+. If you are internet savvy, you can also do a who is search for their website to see how long they have maintained a website and how long that domain is registered for. (those not sure of company future only register website for a year or two at a time. Have a website page rank of 5 or better. An example of a Reputable industrial training companies is who has ...
  • Never canceled a seminar due to lack of attendance...
  • Maintained an A+ status with the Better Business Bureau ... 
  • Has a company presence on the internet for over 15 years ... 
  • Company domain name registered for 5+ years 
  • Maintains a page rank of 5+
What do you think about those training companies deceiving customers with bogus training dates and locations?

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