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Friday, August 16, 2013

Future Global Manufacturing Trends

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Don weighs in on question posed in Google+ Manufacturing News community:

The Future Global Trends of Manufacturing Developing Countries

"What areas of manufacturing will be shifted to developing countries like brazil, south africa, Mexico and others?"

R&D will due low-cost researchers and research facilities.

You will see more small manufacturers start up in developing countries (like CNC machining shops). Larger companies are more restrained by staying where raw resources are.

Developing countries will continue to see their large share of labor intensive manufacturing like clothing, furniture and assembly required. Natural economics and raw materials will continue to grow the manufacturing of  'consumables'. Also naturally a developing country will see increases in manufacturing of goods needed locally , brought on by growth. Such as vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing (OEMs), rubber and plastic, paper manufacturing.

Entire production processes to meet the needs of the poorest will increase as the middle class in developed countries erodes (the gap between rich and poor grows). As the U.S. market is expected to remain weak because of middle class erosion, companies will ramp up their search for new customers in developing countries.

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