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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prepare for PLC Shutdown

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Preparing For and Stopping PLC Shutdowns. 

PLC failure rates

In preparation for machine and even plant shutdowns due to PLC failure, engineers tirelessly search for the ever elusive PLC MTBF rate (Mean Time Between Failure). As this blog post and associated more detailed article point out ... Stop wasting your time searching for PLC MTBF. Instead approach the root of PLC controller failure by looking at the why and what to better prepare for increased reliability, what parts to stock, etc., to reduce PLC failure related downtime.

WHY PLCs Fail? (From most likely to least.)

#1 Factor:   Environment
#2 Factor:   Brand/Model
#3 Factor:   Electrical Design supporting PLC
#4 Factor:   PLC Management

WHAT PLC Part Fails? (From most likely to least.)

  • PLC output modules
  • PLC input modules
  • PLC communication modules
  • PLC power supply
  • PLC processor module

All Equipment Failure (physics)

  • Mechanical devices are more likely to fail than electrical,
  • Electro-mechanical devices are more likely to fail then solid-state devices,
  • High current devices are more likely to fail than low current devices.
To read details about the above, see ...
This article answers the question... What are PLC controller failure rates? It also covers equipment failure rate from a PLC failure rate perspective (automation controller).

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