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Saturday, February 1, 2014

PLC Networking Wifi

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PLC Networking Basics with WiFi

A classroom only project using WiFi, a Controllogix PLC/PAC and classroom laptops.

The video above is the first of four interactive youtube mini course project of networking five classroom laptops to one Controllogix PAC. (PAC=Process Automation Controller, also known as an advanced PLC) This experimental video course below titled "PLC Networking Basics Controllogix" has an associated free powerpoint and a free online assessment.

I would appreciate your feedback, if you like it or not? If the topic is not up your alley, maybe you have a friend or associate who has interest in automation, PLCs or just beginning in the trade that you can share this with. Your feedback will help me decide if we would be wasting of our time or not in creating more free interactive training youtube courses.

4 YouTube videos starting at []
Powerpoint is at []
Online assessment is at

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