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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Maintenance Management Training Online

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Maintenance Management Training Online

A visitor to the discussion group asked ...
Where can I get maintenance management training online (and skills)?

Thought I would share my reply ...
Others have mentioned great resources for scholastic knowledge, certs, etc. (I would add So I'll just address the 'skill' part the question. For that you need real world knowledge and experience, which getting online can be a challenge. The first resource I would like to recommend is a free 3 day seminar on youtube at This seminar differs from the typical text book knowledge as it is the 21st century cutting edge approach. (print books can be a few or several years old, and the world progresses/changes a lot quicker than that now days. :)
Maintenance Management Training/Skills via Online resorces
Also when people think "online" they think internet connection required. We don't, so here are some of the best resources you can download, use on your own time, anytime, anywhere. (no internet connection required once you download) ...

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