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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PLC Communication Protocols

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PLC Communication Protocols:

(Fieldbus Communication Protocols)

There are a lot of PLC Communication Protocols out there, especially when you consider the evolution of the PLC to the industrial computer (PAC)  and  Ethernet. But today lets explorer some of the most popular Fieldbus Protocols.

From Foundation Fieldbus protocol to ProiBus, to HART and even ASibus protocol. the above video introduces them all, the Online Fieldbus Training course dives into the details of each. They are often used PLCs to DCS, most common in process industries, but in manufacturing too. Even in building automation systems (BAS).

Because of Fieldbus and other communication protocols and technology, process controllers no longer need to be located close to the process. The analog sensors and actuators can communicate with PLC/PAC over greater distances than if the field device was just hard wired into the PLC analog input or output card.

In order to understand the workings of a Fieldbus based system, the Fieldbus course below first starts with Fieldbus basics teaching you about the various types of signals uses in an automation system. From the 4 to 20ma current loop, to digital signals like Manchester encoding. Bit oriented buses like ASi are covered, byte oriented buses like CAN and DeviceNet, and message oriented buses like Foundation Fieldbus and ProfiBus are discussed.

You'll learn about the various topologies ...master, slave, star, ring, FISCO, etc. Get familiar with DCS architecture, power supplies, troubleshooting, applying Fieldbus in hazardous areas. Even a walk through of a Fieldbus project, from beginning to end! And so much more in this huge course coverall the popular PLC communication protocols.

Hope you like and share the Fieldbus Technology Tutorial video above. Thanks

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