Saturday, March 28, 2020

Coronavirus Free Industrial Training Simulation Software

coronavirus school closing

Coronavirus quarantine (COVID-19) makes industrial training equipment obsolete. Insightful comparison to the replacement, industrial training simulator software.

In the article, we give several industrial training simulator software solutions and examples. More importantly, valuable distance learning tips and insight are given. Below is an excerpt from the full article...

Schools are now faced with the challenge of how to deliver valuable hands-on training to students working from home. Industrial Simulation Software is a great alternative to instill the kinesthetic learning attribute you would get from in-person classes with physical industrial training equipment.
The nation's schools could be closed for weeks, months or the rest of the school year. Even after schools are re-opened there may be social distancing practices implemented, and physical industrial training equipment may not be adequately or cost-effectively disinfected between each student's use.
Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, industrial training simulation software had some major advantages over physical industrial training equipment in certain areas. 

Summary: Research shows that 70% of what employees learn comes from experience, 20% is from their social interactions, and 10% is from traditional learning sources. The Simulations provided in our courses and as stand-alone software are tools that emulate the real work environment so that students and employees can identify with it. They provide experiential learning so the learner acquires knowledge faster, and retains it longer because they can experience and apply concepts learned in a realistic, controlled safe environment.

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