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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to to Break into the Industrial Maintenance side of Electrical Contracting?

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My reply to a question often asked of us by electrical contractors. How to break into the Industrial Maintenance side of Eelectrical Contracting? What training will help?

First of all I would like to point out an article we have about changing over to industrial Electrical, if you haven’t already read it.

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Now for the training. If you want the very best, and can afford it, you should start with the 10 DVD Industrial Electrical Course. This will get you oriented with the ‘Industrial’ side of things. (Nema motor starters, drives, solenoids, etc. basics) You should follow that with the "Advanced
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls Simulation Training Software
” to improve your industrial troubleshooting skills. You may want to supplement the electrical training with one or more other electrical training software we sell like one on AC motors or Electrical safety.

Then we recommend to existing industrial (commercial) electrical contractors, that they learn PLCs to increase their company’s capability and number of contracts received. For this you need the 10 DVD PLC training course. We offer additional PLC training in every conceivable media (online course, CDs, trainer, etc.), so you can become the best in the industry if that is your desire.

You would typically follow the above recommendations with Niche and more advanced training, like
Hazardous Electrical areas training
, PID Training, Etc.

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Industrial Training said...

Thanks Sanjay for the useful info to our readers. I am now following your blog to say thank you.