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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lights Out Factory - Robots Replacing Workers

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People fear (complain)Robots are Replacing People!!

• The truth is I would rather see my children and grandchildren teaching, designing, inventing, changing the world they live in, than working in a factory doing repetitious work just to keep the country/world at the status quo.

On the same line as the last point, I would rather see my country being the R&D and knowledge source for the world, getting a royalty off of all the parts all the other countries are manufacturing instead of the other way around. That which we do manufacturer in the future, I would like to see being done by lights-out totally automated manufacturing plants, with our people just keeping the automation running and inventing new automation and products. But one more truth …

• Humans resist change with more energy than it would take to make the change its self. Changing our 200 year old mind-set isn’t going to come easy. Typically it take a catastrophic event to speed change (evolution) up. :<(

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