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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Free Industrial Knowledge App (AnDroid App version)

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New Free Industrial Knowledge App

Bussiness Industrial Network (BIN) anounces new free Industrial Knowledge App that provide access to BIN's vast amount of free Industrial Training resource right on your smart phone.

All free industrial knowledge resources provided by Business Industrial Network of interest to maintenance, engineering and manufacturing in general.
As AnDroid is currently outselling Iphone, the Droid App version is the 1st released, but in the next day or so the Iphone version will be out too.
To download the free Industrial Knowledge App, << just click it.

After downloading our new free Adroid App, please rate it via your phone/market place. If you are not viewing this via your Droid, the QR Code to the left can be scanned with your phone's barcode reader.

Please try our new Android App and comment here about it. Also if you share with others, it is always much appreciated. Thanks

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1 comment:

Rohit said...

i am good to know that you proving industrial training. really i looking for this.

thank for info