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Monday, June 11, 2012

In memory of Dr. Genichi Taguchi (January 1, 1924 - June 2, 2012)

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Guest Post: by Dr. Ranjit Roy Ph.D., P.E., PMP  , Author, Trainer and Consultant aNutek Inc.
In memory of the honorable 

Dr. Genichi Taguchi (January 1, 1924 - June 2, 2012)

Dr. Genichi Taguchi (DOE practitioner)

"I was deeply saddened to learn that Dr. Genichi Taguchi passed away in his native Japan on Sunday, June 2, 2012. Dr. Taguchi made a remarkable and lasting impact on the Quality revolution of automotive and manufacturing industries, which was prompted by the oil embargo of the late 1970's and continues today. "

"Dr. Taguchi elevated the utility of the Design of Experiment (DOE) statistical technique which was originally introduced by the UK's Sir R. A Fisher in the 1920's. Taguchi's constant effort to make the DOE technique more effective by standardizing experiment designs and offering a method for handling influence of noise factors toward robust designs was readily adopted by quality professionals and industrial experimenters worldwide."

With his passing, the world lost another great innovator and contributor to quality.

"Dr. Roy"

My sentiments too Roy, thanks. Don Fitchett


Raghunath Anandakrishna said...

I was just going through the internet to read about Dr. Genichi Taguchi's works on quality. I was very much impressed about his works and was very happy that I was reading about a living legend. Suddenly I came across your post where in I got the information that he is no more.I am really sad. I condole his death and salute the quality guru through this post.

A Raghunath
Aditi Consultancy Services, Bangalore

Raghunath Anandakrishna said...

I am saddened to know about the death of Dr. Genichi Taguchi. I condole the death of the great quality guru.

A Raghunath