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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lean in manufacturing,what is Jidoka?

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Lean in manufacturing,what is Jidoka?

Jidoka can be described at Automation with a Human Touch. 

Also known as "Autonomation". To learn more see

Question for you ... In what ways do you use Jidoka in your facility? (Please use comment area to reply.)


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Doyel mirza said...

Good points, but would stress the need for proper storage carts with shadow boards and documentation attached to the storage carts. Some companies even have covers to protect parts from dust and debris and secured areas to ensure carts are ready, complete, pre-cleaned, pre-checked and calibrated if needed.lean manufacturing

Doyel mirza said...

So true on your points. Unfortunately most companies run more production with the time saved from QDC and overlook the reduction of lot sizes as the better way. Good points for a separate post. lean manufacturing