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Monday, April 23, 2012

7 Mistakes you don't want to hear your PLC Tech say.

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WARNING: Your PLC Tech is most-likely not telling you about these mistakes made in the past or currently being made. If they had our PLC training, then they are most likely not making these mistakes anymore.

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In order from least likely mistake to most likely mistake.

7. PLC Tech makes PLC programming change that causes harm to others.
6. PLC Tech makes PLC programming change that causes damage to machine.
5. PLC Tech makes changes to PLC program that caused problem they are being requested to fix.
4. PLC Tech mistakenly takes hours instead of minutes to find the problem with equipment.
3. PLC Tech forgot to enter revision notes for PLC program changes
2. PLC Tech didn't realize safety risk of using 'force' function for PLC inputs and outputs.
1. PLC Tech forgot to make backup copies of all PLC programs.

If your PLC Tech gets our PLC troubleshooting, best-practices, safety and reliability training, they wont be making the mistakes above. So stop the 7 common mistakes being made at your facility, register your people for our PLC training today. Reduce risk to your company and set your mind at ease.

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