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Friday, April 13, 2012

Autonomous Maintenance Level 2

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autonomous maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance Level 2:
"At the core of world-class maintenance performance is something called autonomous maintenance." "...operators perform certain equipment maintenance activities and that maintenance crafts get closely involved in the daily operation of equipment. The focus of the operating team is on cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, monitoring and other such essential daily tasks traditionally within the domain of the maintenance department." (The above are excerpts for article Autonomous maintenance.)

After reading the above article and deciding your facility is on the right track towards wold-Class operation, you need to get the Silver CD set to take your facility to Autonomous Maintenance Level 2. <<< Click to see the maintenance training material and lubrication training software you can distribute to all your personnel in a single facility for one low price. (30 week Autonomous Maintenance training program covers everyone in a single facility for only $10 per week.)

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CassieBrownings said...

Nice! maintenance software should be welcomed in our generation now. I think this one's great!