Monday, April 2, 2012

Where's my CMMS Smart Phone App?


I lost my smart phone App, it was a CMMS App (Computerized Maintenance Management System) with the following features. Can anyone find me a replacement? My company was saving thousands using this mobile technology for our mobile facilities management. The features are ...
  • Scan QR code on machine to call up machine history, work-orders etc. automatically with your smart phone or tablet.
  • Scanning QR code also starts clock recording more accurate arival, downtime, repair time etc. for future analysis, process improvements and cost records. 
  • Record audio comments when noise levels permit to save time typing on small keyboard. 
  • Attached picture of machines current state/problem area directly to work order of machine history. 
  • Scan part bar-code to automatically look in inventory and see if part is in stock, with out wasting time to walk to parts room. 
  • Import infrared, vibration or other predictive maintenance report from tool directly into machine history database via Bluetooth or WiFi (Requires Bluetooth compatible PdM equipment for this feature)
  • Access/view past predictive maintenance readings stored in CMMS machine history database. 
  • Email copy of work-order status, special notes etc to appropriate manager/supervisor. Etc. Etc. 
  • Uses exiting smart phones as a mobile app to link to desktop software so no additional hardware required. 
  • Just install app on employee's smart phones, print QR codes and stick on machines. That's it!

Use comment area to let me know. ha ha Also if you have some additional ideas for mobile CMMS features comment here with them.
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Industrial Training said...

Below is my update from other discussions boards and my own searches as to CMMS Vendors found that are close to matching capabilities. (Truly Mobile CMMS)
and (Close to Truly Mobile CMMS)
and (Close to Truly Mobile CMMS)
and (Maybe heading in right direction to Truly Mobile CMMS, but only focus on a very niche market and it is not manufacturing. But they where the only one smart enough to list their mobile CMMS in the Android market place, so I gave them mention for that reason.)

Industrial Training said...

Wanted to add a comment that may facilitate better understanding with this discussion of "Truly Mobile CMMS" (As defined by me in the blog post I did:>). While I explored and had discussions with and about all the different CMMS vendor's solutions, there seemed to be a disconnect between when I explained implementation and exploitation of the Smart Phone technologies like QR codes. So I wanted to share this link to an Uptime Magazine article that is an excellent example of utilizing QR codes for asset management. I think it might help to open some eyes on the "Truly Mobile CMMS" front. See
Hope it helps further understanding of utilizing smart phone technology for the mobile interface to CMMS software.

Matthew Brown said...

Getting all those features in one app is certainly the goal, but we're starting first with converting the paper maintenance logs over to an easy to use app. Other features will be added as it grows organically from user feedback. It's called LogCheck, it's designed by end users, and it's in the App Store:

Industrial Training said...

Below is my update from other discussions boards and my own searches as to CMMS Vendors found that are close to matching capabilities. See is very close, just missing QR code capabilities.