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Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Global Valve Market

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2012 global valve Market for Energy, Chemical and Mining...

Thanks to a post by my friend Anand Radhakrishnan over at VALVE SOLUTIONS, I realized how one part part of a system alone can be a very big market when looking at it globally.  Grant it, it can be physically a big part, .. and a big part as it relates to importance of industries like Oil and Gas, Power, Refining, Chemical, Wastewater (and Water industry too), Pulp and Paper, Iron and Steel, Pharmaceutical, Food and Mining industries.

For many of those industries, it can be a bottleneck too, like conveyors can. So the maintenance and support for valves should be big too. Even when not a bottleneck, maintenance and support are critical warranted just by the volume of valves per facility/system. Just like the frequency drive market.

The industrial valve market article Anand pointed to in provided the data we created the valve market chart above from, so you can visualize just how big the valve market is. Below is quote from their article, click here to read the whole article.

"The situation in the Americas mirrors that of Europe only with slightly higher numbers. US valve manufacturers are gaining a strong foothold in the power, pharmaceutical, chemical and other high-tech industries in Asia."

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