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Friday, August 24, 2012

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling ...

(Which course do I take?)

A customer inquired, which of the two Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course we offer should he purchase. So I thought i would share my opinion about the difference between the to here.

First of all and most obvious, one is the  Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training software ($249.95), the other other is the  Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 3 day course PowerPoint ($49.95). The training software version while 5 times more expensive because it is interactive software, works best for those seeking just the knowledge with questions on that material validate printing a certificate of completion. As the software version does not require learner to apply knowledge to earn certificate, it works best for those who do not yet have a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling position.

The 3 day course PowerPoint version with lessons is for those who are good self learners, self motivated seeking more detail and challenge while learning and practicing practical application of learned material. To earn a certificate with the PowerPoint Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course, the customer must complete the exerciser in their workplace and email to instructor for verification of applying Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course material in the real world.

My personal recommendation is the $49.95  Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 3 day course PowerPoint as it offers a much greater return on your training investment and is a much greater challenge. It should also be noted that both courses are by two different instructors. so if you could afford it and want to be the best at your job, i would recommend taking the software version 1st, followed by the PowerPoint version.

Hope this helps you all make a decision.
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Industrial Training said...

Also what makes the PowerPoint of Maintenance Planning Scheduling course unique (besides being much less expensive:>)is it comes with 10 activity assignments. Students need to do assignments in each module to a satisfactory content and quality, plus at conclusion of the modules provide course instructor one example of a real work impact they develop to get a certificate. So it's not just scholastic education, its real world and customer is encouraged more-so to implemented knowledge gained in the real world workplace.

Samantha Jones said...

Thank you for sharing. The most effective maintenance planning and scheduling practices efficiently use labor; manage parts, tools, and drawings; reduce time spent waiting for jobs to be assigned; and streamline complex down-days and shutdowns.