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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NEW - You Can Be Maintenance Hero. Free Prizes

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How to be chosen as the Real Maintenance Man/Woman: 

Sprayon® Products / Krylon® just started the "Industrial Real Men/Women of Maintenance Contest and it is awesome!!

Why? To promote our heroes behind the scenes who keep our facilities and machines up and running.

Nominate and vote for your maintenance man or maintenance woman today!
This contest they put together is amazing on so many levels, not just because they they are having  3 Grand Prizes: Eachconsisting of  $2,500 Gift Card to Bass Pro Shops and other gifts totaling $20k+ to each winner. It is also amazing because they are promoting and recognizing the often undervalues maintenance profession. As if that where not enough, they put together a genius marketing team with a  genius  website development team to build the awesome contest website above.

The more maintenance personnel you nominate, the wider the plant grows on the page above. you scroll through, when holding cursor over a darkened silhouette he/she glows. Click on him/her to see name and why they where nominated, and to vote. So just getting nominated give each maintenance person some recognition. Please share this news to help promote the maintenance profession and our industry's hero who where nominate. Vote while you are there too, nominate an unsung maintenance hero you know! Visit

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